"Having trouble identifying your business? Well, we're happy to help you out!" - Marketeers

Marketeers is a Bonaire based branding agency. Identity, creativeness and authenticity drives our purpose! And you’re in luck, because we’re always looking for new ways to collaborate with starting or existing brands! We make pretty awesome stuff (don’t just take our word for it, take a second to check out our portfolio) and our price/ quality ratio is pretty solid as well. 


Our latest

The compass in the emblem represents the vision we have for Marketeers. We have a clear direction we want to take the company and the level of branding and design of our island.
The Marketeers emblem is inspired by the heraldic movement in the middle ages where certain symbols were used to represent families and their achievements.
The waves that surround our island represent the creative flow that is the main drive behind our work.
Our neighboring islands play a major role in the inspiration of our brand. Marketeers is based on Bonaire, but the culture that we are inspired by is shared by Curaçao and Aruba as well.
Marketeers in short


“I’d say we’re predominantly driven by branding and design. The origin of branding started with the branding of livestock by the Egyptians as early as 2700 B.C. In our opinion, branding and design as we know it really took form during the early day usage of the heraldic symbols, which were often used on coats of arms and shields. The early day usage of symbols as a meaning of identification often meant the difference between life and death. It had to be very clear if you were with the enemy or not. These days the lack of branding can mean the life or death.of your business. The right branding identity is essential in highly competitive markets were businesses compete to catch the attention of consumers and to maximize their profits. We would love to help you identify your business so do not hesitate to contact us!


Work process

Our workflow


Meeting The Client

First off we would like to get to know you and your business! What drives you? What's your passion? Where do you see your business in the next 5 to 10 years? We'll also try to get a clear view on who your target audience is. After we've done this we'll dive into your short term goals and determine what service suits you best!


Briefing & Quotation

Once we’ve concluded the meeting we’ll set out to set up a briefing to ensure the assignment is understood. The client brief is a document that outlines the scope of the project, covering things such as the deadline and the details brought forward during the meeting. Next up we'll discuss your budget and provide you with a fitting quotation.


Proposal & Feedback

The first proposal will be set up according to the client briefing and will be delivered in a timely fashion, before the final deadline of the assignment. Your feedback will be used to finalize the assignment.


Final Presentation

D-day! Our favorite part of the process. The client will receive the items of the assignment as agreed upon in the client briefing. To be able to asses and better our services, the client will be asked to provide a testimonial.