Est. 2017

Our Story


arketeers was founded in 2017 when the founder and director Jían Magdalena received his first customer. This opportunity came right carrying out research on the usage of Social Media platforms for an educational institute. After carrying out a broad range of marketing activities for various customers such as Fundashon Forma, Rocargo Services, Qredits Bonaire (during employment) and more, Marketeers has decided to turn it up a notch! With a small rebrand and a new focus, Marketeers is ready to collaborate with more brands and companies who are looking to communicate their message and brand in a creative and effective way. With a fortified team, including a professional in-house graphic designer with Bonairian roots, Marketeers has all the tools to create engaging, unique and custom made content to enhance your company’s brand experience. With a firm belief in a proven working process, mixed with a large dose of creativity, and customer oriented service, your brand is surely in good hands!


he name 'Marketeers' is derived from the term 'marketeer', which stands for 'one who promotes or sells a product or service. 'Marketeers' was chosen with in mind the saying of the three musketeers: 'One for all and all for one'. We believe that all customer assignments require a collaborative approach in which both parties can reap their benefits. The customer receives their desired product or service while Marketeers get an opportunity to display their creativity and their drive for results. Let's say our customers become the fourth member of the 'Musketeers'. So, will you be our next 'D'artagnan'?


urthermore Marketeers thrives to create a sense of community for creatives whereby collaborations are encouraged to be able to get the best results for the client. We believe that in 5 to 10 years Bonaire will make leaps in the media world, and Marketeers will make sure to deliver a contribution to this cause by way of sharing and exchanging knowledge amongst the community.

  • Founded

    Augustus 2017

  • In-house Graphic Designer

    December 2019

  • New logo

    December 2020

  • Website Launch

    January 2023